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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

String quartet meets Jazzcombo

Last weekend the jazzband Melanoia recorded together with a french string quartet a new album.

The ensembles with popular Dejan Terzic as drummer played works written by the experimental and talented swiss composer Luzia von Wyl. For three days the musicians worked hard in our Studio 1 on seven songs, together with our experienced Tonmeister Johannes Wohlleben. The band Melanoia met Quatuor IXI at a joint concert in Bern and the musicians gained their motivation to create an album together. The production will be mixed in summer and the CD probably will be released in 2016.



dejan_terzic/Dejan Terzic_Bauer Studios_01Dejan Terzic_Bauer Studios_02dejan_terzic/Dejan Terzic_Bauer Studios_08Dejan Terzic_Bauer Studios_04Dejan Terzic_Bauer Studios_05Dejan Terzic_Bauer Studios_07Dejan Terzic_Bauer Studios_03