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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Hildegunn Øiseth

5 days of production with the Hildegunn Øiseth Quartet!

Hildegunn ØisethHildegunn ØisethHildegunn ØisethHildegunn ØisethHildegunn ØisethHildegunn Øiseth

The Hildegunn Øiseth Quartet was in our house for audio recordings. New tunes and compositions of the group around Hildegunn Øiseth were rehearsed and played. To name the group there is Espen Berg on piano, Per Oddvar Johansen on drums and percussion as well as Magne Thormodsæter on double bass.

In musical terms we are around jazz, but with experimental influence coming from Øiseth´s special intruments, like a goat horn in which holes are drilled for it to be tuned in a certain key. The use of melodic percussion as well as the full possibilities on the double bass and Berg´s deep knowledge of piano sounds create the sound of the quartet.

A very constructive week was spent together with sound engineer Philipp Heck in Studio 1.