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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg


Dark and atmospheric sounds drift through Studio 1

Black ProjectTonmeister Philipp HeckJörg Teichert - GitarreMatthias Debus - KontrabassJo Ambros - GitarreJohannes Stange - TrompeteKonrad Hinsken - Fender RhodesChristian Huber - SchlagzeugBlack ProjectAnalogbandBettina BertókBlack Project

The mysterious group Black Project has a unique and experimental sound, it‘s a well balanced blend of natural and synthetic elements. Visitors of our Studio Konzert on November 27th could bear witness to the musical sensitivity of the six Mannheim-based jazz musicians who sometimes floated over a rich soundscape in exotic scales and sometimes engaged in a competitional dialogue. The jazz-fueled songs were also reinforced by an exceptional instrumentation: the use of mandolin, banjo and pedal steel guitar gave a unique flavor to the music as a whole.

This was mixed live and recorded by our sound engineer Philipp Heck who made sure that the right sound went onto the analogue tape which will be used to manufacture the Studio Konzert LP which will be released next year on our label Neuklang.