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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Schall & Raum Workshop

Experts and amateurs gathered in our studio for the third "Schall & Raum" workshop

Schall und Raum WorkshopSchall und Raum WorkshopSchall und Raum Workshop

Beginners and intermediates of the recording industry met professional experts on November 9th at Bauer Studios for the third "Schall & Raum" workshop. In a relaxed atmosphere participants were taught the basics of room acoustics and studio design. For this Ulli Schiller of the Abbey Road Institute explained different aspects of architectual acoustics based on the construction of their recording studio in Frankfurt. After that, Markus Bertram of mbakustik - who also worked on our Studio 2 - talked some more about studio design. After a break Klaus Gehlhaar of Zaor presented their ergonomic studio furniture and Roger Roschnik of the Swiss manufacturing company PSI Audio introduced their active bass traps next to their monitors. In the end there was also a demonstration of this as well as of the acoustics of our own equipment where questions could be asked and the experts could start lively discussions.