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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg


From New York to Ludwigsburg: an ensemble of world format

Sirius QuartetFung Chern Hwei und Gregor HuebnerJeremy Harman und Ron LawrenceGregor Heubner - ViolineJeremy Harman - CelloFung Chern Hwei - ViolineRon Lawrence - ViolaTonmeister Johannes WohllebenGregor Heubner - ViolineSirius Quartet

To describe the music of the Sirius Quartet as an inventive mixture between jazz, classical and rock music would not do justice to the variety of their sound. Guests of our Studio Concert on October 16th could witness a smorgasboard of contemporary music, their program reaching from renditions of works of Henry Purcell ("The Purcell Project") and avant-garde originals ("Ground Zero") to jazz compositions filled with pizzicato ("Heal") and interpretations of well-known pop songs  ("I can't stand the rain"). Even within these individual pieces they left the boundaries of seperate genres and came up with spontaneous improvisations and ideas so the soundscape could alter between the intimacy of a classical string quartet and the energy of a rock band.

To all the fans and curious people out there: the analog recording will soon be released on vinyl through our label Neuklang.