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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Tom Bougeois and Murmures in Studio 1

With his formation Murmures Tom Bougois stops time at Bauer Studios

So tender yet still so powerful sounds the unusual formation from saxophone, akkordeon, e-guitar and vocals. Together with his bandpartners Thibault Dille, Florent Jeunieaux and Lois LeVan, whoms unique voice gives Murmures’ music its peerless fragile momentum, from october 10th to 12th Tom Bourgeois recorded his first own album at the Bauer Studios and his second one right along with it.
From new interpreted Ravel string quartetts to selfmade compostions Murmures’ music might be contensual comprehensive yet the two albums’ sound is very homogenous in the interprets’ harmonic interplay. In this way the albums each shape an almost poetic unity.

During a break Tom Bourgeois says: „I hope it will not sound too melancholic, but melancholy I love.“ We can hear this in his music though it never gets mournful. It’s the tightrope walk between lightness and power that Murmures masters at the Bauer Studios.

Engeneer: Phillipp Heck