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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg


The insiders tip from israel

After touring whole europe for more than three weeks, Shalosh takes turn to record a "live-studio"-album directly to 2-track-tape. It has been one of their last stops in europe before they will return to Jerusalem to play some hometown shows.

Perfect conditions for another Studio Konzert to be recorded live. The band entered the studio in excellent shape and ready for any kind of experiment. Shalosh's music, although beeing virtous and perfectly crafted, stayed accessible almost all the time. The fact that they perform as a jazz band got in the background, the musicians used their virtuosity  to serve the song only. The kind of catchiness, that is not often found in modern day jazz music makes the fascination of this young trio. During the concert, pianist Gadi Stern points out the bands crush on well made pop music, and was not afraid to perform Lana Del Rey's "Video Games", in a very alienated free-jazz version, giving each instrument space and time to shine.

Last but not least, engineer Philipp Heck put his mark on this remarkable evening by perfectly capturing the bands raw energy onto 2-track tape.

Gadi Stern – Piano
David Michaeli – Kontrabass
Matan Assayag – Drums

The vinyl will be released on Neuklang in spring 2018.


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