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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

STUDIO KONZERT with Maria Joao

A dream come true...

Maria Joao ogled a long with the thought of playing a Studio Konzert. She was also known to us through the recording of two full lenght albums in the 90's.

The singer entered the studio with her fellow musicians João Farinha rhodes,piano, synth's and André Nascimento beeing responsible for electric sound design. The band and project is called "OGRE" and is touring quite a long time.

Characteristical for the extraordinariness, the band open their set with surprisingly modern techno-based beats and rhytms coloured with sounds of nature and of course Maria's incredible performance, which is based on improvisation and sound design.

Her dynamic and shere huge vocal range enthused the audience from the beginning, but made our sound engineer Johannes Wohlleben look anxiously at the level meter of his mixing console.

The concert showed songs from their album "Plastic" and new interpretations and arrangements of Shakespeare sonettes.

With the encore: "The lion sleeps tonight", the band brought this extraordinary evening to a real worthy and entertaining end.


The live recording will be available in our Studio Konzert series on 180 gramms vinyl.