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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Sarah Chaksad Orchestra

Double fun with a doubled percussion section.

Pictures: Die Clipfabrik

We enjoyed a great and productive weekend with the swiss Big Band of Sarah Chaksad, who specially visited us from Basel.

The composer Sarah Chaksad played the alt saxophone by herself, so the role of the conductor was taken by Johannes Maikranz. Here's the setup of the mainly young musicians:

Sarah Chaksad, Julie Fahrer, Andreas Böhlen, Céderic Gschwind, Fabian Willmann, Charley Wagner, Octave Moritz, Jonas Winterhalter, Lukas Wyss, Lukas Birggen, Lucas Wirz, Michael Baumann, Valentin Hebel, Hagen Neye, Jan Schwinning

The three days of production in our Studio 1 was musically directed by our Tonmeister Philipp Heck and his assistent Christopher Plaschke.

The unconvenional compositions were dominated by wild guitar effects and some tracks like for example As a Child, Blessed or The intensive Lady were even played by two drums at the same time.

So watch out Big Band fans: The CD will be published this year and it's going to be a must have!