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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

STUDIO KONZERT with Maria Markesini and the Klazz Brothers

For the last time this year we hosted brilliant musicians for our Studio Konzert. Maria Markesini and the Klazz Brothers enthused the audience in our sold out studio 1.

With a typical classic interpretation the Klazz Brothers introduced the Greek-Dutch singer Maria Markesini, who fascinated immediately with her strong voice and her attitude.

The artists showed their great musicality with own compositions as well as new arranged and interpreted songs. As quartet and just in pair double bass and Steinway, one rarely sees musicians that are at one with themselves and their music this much. This intimate and thrilling atmosphere also expanded to the audience.

The fact that every single moment and sound of the intense concert was recorded analogue by our Tonmeister Philipp Heck supported the mood.

The LP is will be released in 2015 in our Studio Konzert edition.


Thanks to our partner Lautmacher for the great PA and lighting engineering. Also many thanks to Weinhandlung Bronner and Huober Brezel, that provided sustenance with their delicious snacks and drinks.

Special thanks to our loyal audience that motivates us with their great interest in our concerts.


"There are many studios in the world...Many of them are good. But it is the first time I experienced such loving, homely sphere." - Maria Markesini


The following microphones were used for the recording:


drums: bassdrum - Audix D6, Neumann U 47 fet; Snare - Shure SM57, AKG C 414; HiHat - AKG 480 B; Tom-tom - Beyerdynamic M 88 N; Floor- Tom - AKG D112; Overheads - 2x Neumann U 67

double bass: DPA d:vote 4099, AKG C414

piano: 2x Neumann U 67

Fender Rhodes: Schoeps MK 5

Keyboard: Radial Pro DI

vocals: Beyer Dynamig TG V71D

vocals 2: Shure Beta 58

room: 2x Brüel & Kjaer 4006


Pictures by Arnold Maiwald and Steffen Schmid