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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

From Tel Aviv to Eglosheim: Omer Klein Trio

From the stage to the studio.

Directly after their concerts in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany the Omer Klein Trio arrived here at our studio in Ludwigsburg to record their  eagerly awaited album.

The three musicians Amir Bresler on drums, Haggai Cohen-Milo on bass and Omer Klein on our Steinway D grand piano spent two  days in our Studio 1 recording their upcoming album. Thanks to their recent touring and their excellent qualities as live musicians they recorded all the songs live, one take better than the other, leaving more time to look together with sound engineer Phillip Heck for the right modifications to get the desired sound right from the beginning.

In two weeks, Omer Klein will rearrive to perfect the sound in the mix together with Philipp Heck to finish the works on the album which will be published on our label Neuklang next year.


Be prepared!