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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

STUDIO KONZERT with the Alexandra Lehmler Quintett

This time the Alexandra Lehmler Quintett excited us in a Studio Konzert.

The quintet with Alexandra Lehmler enthused the audience with their honest and animated jazz. Their programm was based on the latest CD named 'Jazz, Baby!' The musicians expressed their skills and love to the music with emotional vamps combined with existing songs.

Alexandra presented in a charming way including small anecdotes about the songs and their storys. Furthermore the artists shared their love to the jazz. Therefore the atmosphere in our Studio 1 was really friendly and chilly. The audience enjoyed a memorable evening. Responsible for the recording was our Tonmeister Philipp Heck.

As always, we want to thank our loyal audience. Your positive acceptance of our concept makes it possible for us to go on with this unique format.

Moreover, we are addressing our thanks to Weinhandlung Bronner and Huober Brezel for the gastronomic aspects of the evening, as well as to Scala Kultur GmbH and Jazzclub Ludwigsburg, two pillars of Ludwigsburg's cultural community, helping us to realize these wonderful concerts each time. This time we also started our cooperation with Lautmacher, who sponsored us a great PA.


The following microphones were used for the recording:


drums: bass drum - Audix D6; snare - Shure SM57; Hi-Hat - AKG 480 B; Tom-tom - Beyerdynamic M 88 N; Floor-tom - AKG D112; Overheads - 2x Neumann U 67

percussion: Cajon - Shure SM58; Darbuka - Neumann KM 184; Congas - 2x AKG C 414; Bongos - Neumann KM 184; Overheads - 2x K&M 4011

double bass: DPA d:vote 4099; Neumann U 47 fet

piano: 2x Shoeps MK 4

saxophone: AKG C414

vocals: Shure SM 58; Beyerdynamic M 88 N

room: 2x Brüel&Kjaer 4006


pictures: Arnold Mailwald and Bauer Studios