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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

With Duo TonSatz to "Café Zeitvergessen"

Eva Batt, Lindy Huppertsberg and Angela Frontera record the audio book "Café Zeitvergessen".

Basing on the episodic story "Café Zeitvergessen" by Christiane Schwarze the composer Eva Batt transforms word into sound.
This week she arrived together with Lindy Huppertsberg on double bass and Angela Frontera on drums and percussion in our  Studio 1 to record the musical part of the musically staged lection with sound engineer Philipp Heck.
The gentle, diversified and consequently unconventional piano playing of Eva Batt found its perfect transfer medium in our Steinway D, creating a highbrow musical scenerywhich was impressingly counteracted by Angela Fronteras lively playing on drums and percussion and the firm fundament of "Lady Bass" Lindy Huppertsberg.
The next step will be merging the musical parts with the expressive lection of Christiane Schwarze during the process of mastering to accomplish the literal-musical piece of art "Café Zeitvergessen".