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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Obi Jenne and collegues play Jazz on the highest level

This weekend, a top-class cast of jazz musicians gathered at our's for a remarkably versatile recording session.

Our Studio 1 once more was filled with absolute professionals of Jazz music. Varying settings around drummer Obi Jenne, Bass player Mini Schulz, pianist Olaf Polziehn and saxophonist and bassoonist Libor Šima presented some musical deicacies which, captured on harddisk by Tonmeister Johannes Wohlleben, will appear on sondry CDs.

To begin with, the quartet played some compositions of Šima on which the composer plays saxophone or bassoon. The SWR Sinfonieorchester's solo bassoonist's pieces were obviously much fun for the musicians so that the recordings were (almost) finished on time to watch the World Champinship game. On Sunday, the quartet was added up to four tenor saxophonists. In this constellation pieces by Don Grolnick or Michael Brecker arranged by Šima were played in such perfection, so that the Tonmeister appreciatively raised his eyebrows…

At last, we recorded a few beautifully calm pieces with Jenne, Schulz, Polziehn, singer Fola Dada and saxophonist Klaus Graf, lead altoist at SWR Bigband.
A musically inspiring weekend it was, whose results will be mixed and mastered here this week.