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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Virtuosic Balkan music by Foaie Verde

Final mix with sunday's cake!

After we did the last recordings in the last weeks, this sunday was the day for Foaie Verde to finish the mixing. Tonmeister Julian Klapp and band members Sebastian Klein (Violine) and Frank Wekenmann (Guitar) spent the sunday at our bis Neve console with passionate Romani music. To that occasion, our chief brought cake:

Foaie Verde are a six-person band with a broad program of Roumanian Romani music ranging from temperamental dances to melancholic ballads. Two violins, accordion, guitar, upright bass and singer Katalin Horvath transform roumanian tradition to music: inspired by the village musicians of Romania who play at occasions like birth, marriage, harvest or memorial ceremonies, Foaie Verde play music which goes beyond barriers.

After the mix being finished now, the mastering will be here at Bauer Studios so that the CD will be released on our label CHAOS in summer. Corresponding to that there will be a release concert at Theaterhaus Stuttgart on June 25.