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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

STUDIO KONZERT with the Roman Rofalski Trio

For the ninth time we invited for a jazz highlight.

And we were rewarded with a terrific concert and an exceedingly delighted audience. Although not every seat was taken this time, the vibe and the atmosphere were great as always. After a release tour for their debut album Der Wegweiser through northern Germany the Roman Rofalski Trio was well-prepared for their special concert trip to the south.

Nothing less than the live recording during our STUDIO KONZERT was on the schedule. After Tonmeister Philipp Heck explained the technical procedure of the evening to the audience, the band entered the stage and excited the listeners with a mixture of European classical music and american modern jazz. Bandleader Roman Rofalski entertained with short anecdotes between the pieces in his very sympathical manner.

The record will be published exclusively as 180 g Audiophile Vinyl Pressing in our limited STUDIO KONZERT edition on our label Neuklang in October this year. At you can preorder the vinyl.

Again, we would like to thank our audience which contributes its share to Ludwigsburg's jazz scene with its huge interest in our concepts and which approves our concept of the Studio Konzert series. Thank you for the appreciation of the complete artistic work.

Thanks also to the wine store Bronner and Huober Brezel for the culinary support so that the evening could be enjoyed with all senses.

Our cooperation partners Scala Kultur GmbH and Jazzclub Ludwigsburg have kindly supported us concerning the realization.


The following microphones were used for the recording:


piano: 2x Neumann U67, Neumann USM69

double bass: DPA 7099

drums: Bass drum - Audix D6, Neumann U 47 fet; Snare drum - Shure SM57; Hi-Hat - AKG C480 B; Tom tom - Beyerdynamic M88N; Floor Tom - AKG D112; Overheads - 2x Neumann U67

room-atmo: 2x Brüel&Kjaer 4006


Photos: Arnold Maiwald, Thomas Kolin, Bauer Studios