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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Patrick Bebelaar in the studio 1

The exeptional pianist recorded with a completely new instrumentation in our studio 1.

Last week the pianist and Jazz awardee Patrick Bebelaar was in the studio 1. On tuesday he recorded some pieces together with three internationally known musicians. The recordings were very exiting because the four musicians performed for the first time in this instrumentation.

Pierre Favre, who is a solo drummer and accompanist in great demand especially in the american Jazz scene, Günter Lenz, who is counted among the best bassists in europe since 1959,  Frank Kroll, who is also a Jazz awardee from Baden-Württemberg and Patrick Bebelaar known each other for quite some time.

Besides they performed together in different instrumentations on and off, but this instrumentation in that form was a completely new experiment, which was guided by our Tonmeister Adrian von Ripka.

New for us was that one day after the recordings they performed our eighth Studio Konzert.