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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg at Bauer Studios

A film team of wanted us to explain the process of a professional production, after a funny internet video raised some questions about this topic.

The video in question is on the internet for several days now and produced some interest:

It shows - absolutely overdrawn - how a sound engineer tries to optimize an effectively horrible performance of a singer in real-time, so the sound is absolutely professional afterwards. wanted to know if this is actually possible to achive: That's why achor woman Sandra Jozipovic - who claims not to be a good singer - sang a version of "Chasing Cars". Together with Tonmeister Marcel Schechter they tried to find out what they could do to have a suitable result out of a non-optimal input. Studios

The feature by Steffen König can be watched on EinsPlus and on the interne

And the feature comes out with a comforting result:

After all technical means there should always be a good input for a good output, or in short: You still need to sing right at first!