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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

We whistle: Merry Christmas!

This year we are glad to make a very special gift: The Bauer Studios are proud godparents of two organ pipes of the desperately needed new organ at the Ludwigsburger Stadtkirche.

As a long-established Ludwigsburg based company and recording studio the preservation of musical diversity is a very heartfelt wish. With the old organ and the organist Martin Kaleschke we are already well connected since we did some nice recordings together.

Now we are excited of course to realize the next recording with the very new organ. Then two of the tones will definitely draw our attention.
By the way our company’s initials provided the tone pitches of our “godchildren”:

B – harmony flute b°        
S – harmony flute dis’’’ (= es’’’ – engl.: E-flat)


Bauer Studios Orgelpatenschaft


In this spirit we would like to say thank you to our friends and partners for the good co-operation in 2012, and we wish all of you a harmonious Christmas season without any dissonances and a swingin’ Happy New Year 2013.


If anyone is interested in taking over a godparenthood or a sponsorship to help financing the organ of the Ludwigsburger Stadtkirche you can do so under