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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

KALIMA - Album recordings in Studio 1

The three musicians from KALIMA recorded their new album at Studio 1.

Sascha Ley (vocals), Laia Genc (piano, percussion) and Anne Kaftan (bass clarinet, soprano sax) worked three hard days with Tonmeister Philipp Heck to get the most out of their compositions. At the end they produced 11 wonderful songs with partly oriental influences. The album will be released in 2013 on Neuklang. After the recordings Kalima went directly to Warsaw to play a concert there.

Kalima Sascha Ley Bauer Studios 01 Kalima Bauer Studios

Kalima Laia Genc Bauer Studios Kalima Anne Kaftan Bauer Studios Kalima Sascha Ley Bauer Studios

And seemingly they enjoyed to stay with us. Many thanks for this beautiful and colorful guest book entry!

Kalima Gaestebucheintrag Bauer Studios