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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Marc Halbheer's 5th Edition

Swiss drummer Marc Halbheer changed from side man to band leader for the album production with his quintet "Marc Halbheer's 5th Edition". From friday to sunday they recorded at Studio 1.

With his first-class musicians Heiri Känzig (double bass), Christy Doran (guitar), Robert Bachner (trombone), Klaus Dickbauer (saxophone and bass clarinet) he recorded all the songs plus video within only three days. On sunday our young assistance team of Kilian Mohns, Julian Klapp, Kari Czöczock und Desiree Petzok re-designed Studio 1 into a video studio with club atmosphere.Together with camera operator Sven Falge from SchwabenFilm they took some live footage for an electronic press kit.

With Tonmeister Johannes Wohlleben at the console everyone absolutely agreed that the weekend was an outstanding success.

The album will be released in spring 2013 on our label Neuklang.

Marc Halbheer: "I am speechless and enthused by the diligence, commitment and the passion for detail! This is overwhelming!"


Fotos by Markus Vögeli

MarcHalbheer_01_ byMarkusVoegeliMarcHalbheer_02_ byMarkusVoegeliMarcHalbheer_03_ byMarkusVoegeliMarcHalbheer_04_ byMarkusVoegeliMarcHalbheer_05_ byMarkusVoegeliMarcHalbheer_06_ byMarkusVoegeliMarcHalbheer_07_ byMarkusVoegeliMarcHalbheer_08_ byMarkusVoegeliMarcHalbheer_09_ byMarkusVoegeliMarcHalbheer_10_ byMarkusVoegeliMarcHalbheer_11_ byMarkusVoegeliMarcHalbheer_12_ byMarkusVoegeliMarcHalbheer_13_ byMarkusVoegeliMarcHalbheer_14_ byMarkusVoegeliMarcHalbheer_15_ byMarkusVoegeliMarcHalbheer_16_ byMarkusVoegeliMarcHalbheer_17_ byMarkusVoegeliMarcHalbheer_18_ byMarkusVoegeliMarcHalbheer_19_ byMarkusVoegeliMarcHalbheer_20_ byMarkusVoegeliMarcHalbheer_21_ byMarkusVoegeliMarcHalbheer_22_ byMarkusVoegeliMarcHalbheer_23_ byMarkusVoegeli