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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Sina Nossa with there new album

"Alforria" released by Peregrina Music.

In the last few weeks, the recording for the new album of the portuguese band Sina Nossa were made. Produced for the label Peregrina, the CD will be released september 2011. The album is called "Alforria", which means as much as "freedom letter". A "freedom letter" is what a slaves would have gotten, to ensure their freedom and a new beginning of their lives.

Influenced by the traditional portuguese Fado, Sina Nossa create a new kind of portugese music. Even though, the muscians were born in germany, there still are very near to the portuguese traditions. In all the songs written by themselves, the style of Fado can be heard as there influence and inspiration.

Recording, mix und mastering by Johannes Wohlleben.

Anabela Ribeiro -Vocals

Armindo Ribeiro - Piano

Ivo Guedes - port.Guitar

Jorge Rodrigues - Percussions

Adélio Lopes - Accordion

André Krengel - Gitarre

André de Cayres - Kontrabass