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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Ping Machine - the second album!

Exclusiv release in france in july

The big band Ping Machine from Paris is back! Their first album Random Issues has already been produced in our studios. The second one, called "Des Trucs Pareils" will be released exclusively in france on the 1st of july and in germany on the 1st of september.

During 4 days, the 14 members of the band were recording in our studios engineered by Philipp Heck. Among them, the well-known pianist Benjamin Moussay. After recording, 3 days of mixing were done and it came out a very modern and creativ Jazz production.

Ounce again, we were very honored to have this sypathetic french big band under our roofs!

More infos on the CD release date, as well as audio samples can be found in our web shop. If you can´t wait, than check out there first Neuklang album Random Issues!

Ping Machine Online!