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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

The new generation of analogue mastering EQs "Lisa" wins award

Lisa equalizer for mastering @ Bauer Studios

The product highlight of the year 2010

Tomo Audiolabs got a big honor by wining the Editors Choise Award of the Professional Audio Magazin. The editors awarded the LISA Equalizer as product highlight of the year 2010.

“The mastering equalizer LISA marks a class of its own. Based on the principle of a dynamic equalizer LISA offers an uncompromising high-end tone controll caused by parallel signal processing, m/s matrix and a dynamic interference located directly in the filter for almost unlimited enhancement, which no other equalizer could do. Inserted signals can be equalized matchless vital and organic, not only by the excellent sound. Who has ever worked with Lisa, will not disclaim it in future”

Quotation from the Professional Audio Magazin release 1/Januar 2011