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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Johannes Wohlleben 25 years at Bauer!

November 15: Johannes Wohlleben celebrated his 25th anniversary as tonmeister /recording engineer /producer at Bauer. And all of his colleagues as well as the directors complimented him on this very special event cordially!

Johannes at Neve consoleIt happened on November 15 in 1985 when a new face complemented the recording team at former Tonstudio Bauer. Following his tonmeister studies at the "Hochschule der Kuenste" in Berlin. a first station at "Zuckerfabrik Studios" ("Sugar Factory") in Stuttgart and an intermezzo at Leonberg Studio Johannes Wohlleben went to Ludwigsburg. Today he is widely known, far in excess of the German borderline, for his skills as a music producer and tonmeister. Numerous former and also present clients /artists took their hats off to him by telephone interviews, which were put into a fantastic collage by Bauer's 'Creative department'.

Out of his long list of credits there are some to mention in place: Friedemann Witecka /Vollton, Götz Wörner /Messidor, Mikis Theodorakis, Christoph Stiefel, Wolfgang Dauner, Detlef Engelhard, Paquito D'Rivera, James Morrison, Ermanno Basso /Maria Pia, Heinrich von Kalnein /Big Band Graz, John Taylor, Enrico Pieranunzi, Oregon, Antonio Farao, ... let alone the list of Cuban musicians.

His highly professional work for musical guidance of the artists, profound knowledge of musical maters and "ingenious" transformation into stereo and surround sound, these were the attributes from artists all over and colleagues at Bauer. Johannes Wohlleben also is engaged as music producer for peregrina music, a world music label.

No miracle, that his colleagues at Bauer Studios entitle him "Cheftonmeister" ("head of.."); and the directors, Eva Bauer-Oppelland und Reiner Oppelland, took it for granted to party this adequately.

Congratulations, Johannes!