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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

60 Jahre Bauer Studios - 60 Jahre Geschichte

Rolf Bauer was quick to recognise the huge potential of modern recording equipment and techniques. That's why he set up his own studio which in the post-war years rapidly developed into the place to go to record.

Artistes such as Fritz Wunderlich, Ferdinand Leitner, Lionel Hampton, Erwin Lehn, Helmut Zacharias, Lale Andersen, Gotthilf Fischer and even the Swabian comedians Willy Reichert und Oskar Heiler all appreciated the modern equipment and sound quality.

No wonder, therefore, that as early as the late 1950's, Stereophony first found its way to the studio and just ten years later Rolf was again ahead of the rest when he introduced the first multi-track recording facility.

During the 1960's, Ernst Mosch, in conjunction with our recording engineer, Kurt Rapp, developed the unmistakeable ‘Egerländer Sound' thereby establishing our reputation as a first class venue for recording brass band music.

Numerous other ensembles followed in the steps of the great master.
Spectacular highlights of the 1970's were on-tour recordings with Peter Alexander, Udo Jürgens and Mireille Matthieu and the live recording of Keith Jarrett's legendary ‘Köln Concert' in January 1975.
In the heyday of ‘direct-to disc' recording, which became known as ‘Farmer's Cuts', artistes such as Chris Barber, Ray Brown, Charly Antolini with "Knock out" and Alexis Korner came together for some unique recording sessions.

Even the winner of the 2012 German Jazz Trophy, Monty Alexander, remembers the excellent sound of those recordings. The experience gained from analogue recording and disc cutting still serves us well even with today's productions.

At the end of the 1980's we systematically developed and expanded our mastering and manufacturing divisions. Other highlights of this period were flying visits from Stevie Wonder and Miles Davis. 
By the year 2000 we were already offering Surround Sound and 5.1 mixing complete with DVD and later, SACD authoring facilities.

Since then the studios, which today are managed by Eva Bauer-Oppelland and Reiner Oppelland, have lost none of their appeal. Even well-known pop artists such as Pur, Echt, Dieter Falk, Brings and Marque respect and appreciate the professional services provided at Bauer Studios. And these days, in addition to the countless international Jazz artists, young singer-songwriters such as Tiemo Hauer also come to the studio.