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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg


Bauer Studios Mastering Suite



Dynamic Variance Mastering stands for:

The loudness should be optimal without any distortion, a natural and enjoyable dynamic should be retained - these are the basic principles of our Mastering service


Our speciality:

Her name is LISA, she's young, dynamic, attractive... But first and foremost: She sounds phantastic.

LISA Mastering-EQ made by Tomo Audiolabs - an analog dynamic equalizer with untold handling potentials and subtly-nuanced refinement options.

LISA in Highend-Mastering:

  • Gain and concurrent retention of a dynamic and vibrant-sounding acoustic contour
  • Aesthetic EQing with extremely varied design possibilities
  • Deep bass enhancement in the mastering thanks to passive-sounding filters: Very neutral yet punchy and round
  • Drum group enhancement especially in the deep base range – gives drums presence and impact
  • Special effects through exploiting the mixer architecture: Extreme gain filter settings permit unusually dynamics.


Copyright by: Tomo Audio


Why is mastering necessary?