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Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

Django Bates' Beloved

Im Herbst 2011 hat Django Bates sein Album in unserem Studio 1 aufgenommen. Jetzt erscheint die neue CD.

Jeremy Farall, Produzent: "Thanks for your amazing studio and piano which  were essential ingredients in  making this album sound so good. Hopefully Django's album will inspire others to come and visit the legendary Bauer Studio's."


Pushing the music on.

26 Sep 2012 - By Dr.D.Treharne VINE™ VOICE

"What's good about this album is that it takes the strengths of the previous album, "Beloved Bird", and starting from the same point, the Charlie Parker tunes, pushes forward the boundaries of this trio, with some excellent Bates self compositions. The three Parker trackes here are "Confirmation","Donna Lee" and "Now's the time". In the excellent sleevenotes Evan Parker writes about Bates ability to "deconstruct and reconstruct" Parker's compositions. A listen to "Confirmation" proves this, but the self compositions are no makeweight. They prove that the trio as a whole, but Bates in particular, have used their deconstruction skills to create a starting point for his compositions. My favourites are "Senza bitterness" and "Dimple", but each subsequent listen has given up other textures within the tracks. The 'odd one out' is Burt Bacharach and Hal David's " A house is not a home" given an extensive reworking, leaving Parker (Evan that is!) to wonder whether this will provide s starting point for the next album. The recording quality(recorded at Bauer Studio Ludwigberg) is impeccable and the whole package is confirmation (sorry!) of what a talent has grown within this group and provided Bates with a starting point for further improvisation and development. This album is excellent, and if you're new to all this buy both albums at the same time."